What To Read On The Day Before Exam : 3 Secret Tips To Score Highest in Every Exam

What To Read On The Day Before Exam : 3 Secret Tips To Score Highest in Every Exam

Hello Friends, today in this tutorial I am going to share some Motivational & Secret tips to Score Highest in Every Exam. Today I opened YouTube and saw some videos in regards of getting highest marks in exam. I found that video tips helpful and thought that It should be share with all of you.

In this post I will present 3 tips to increase your marks in examination. You will get a lot of suggestions daily with your parents like concentrate on your study, increase your concentration power, avoid destruction etc.

But I will ask a question with all of you. Is it Practical ? Answer is no. You can’t avoid destruction, learning power today if your exam is tomorrow or after some days.

So now the question arises what we can do if our exam is after some days. If you have any kind of tension means you are sowing the seed of disease, so you should leave your all tension. Read this full post till the end if you want to get highest marks in the examination. So let’s get started.


Secret Tips To Score Highest in Every Exam

1) How much time should you study ?

Now I will not say that study for seven hours or full day. You should do study as your ability. It is a fact that you can not read more than your potential.

Do not focus on your mind much. If you torture your mind just then It will torture you at the time of examination. So it is advised that do study as your potential.

I give you guarantee that by doing so your confidence will be increased up to 1000% and the fear of examination will be also finished.

2) Do not read full question paper

After getting examination paper mostly guys read full paper. This is the biggest mistake done by you. It puts a bad impact on your exam.

Imagine that you have total 20 questions and you do not know the answer of 5 questions. What you will do now? You will think about your 5 questions which you do not know. 

You are going wrong because you are thinking about your 5 questions. You should think about your 15 questions that you know very well. There are only 5 questions which you don’t know, you can accomplish them just by chance.

So now how you will handle yourself? I’m going to tell you a trick now.

When the question paper comes to you, put your question paper in front of you and think about your Parents, Teacher or God as expecting that they are saying ‘‘you can do it, we are with you”.

Do not read your question paper full after getting it, You guys make this the biggest mistake. Give full concentration on your every question, solve them one by one. If you do not know any answer of the question then leave that question and attempt another.

Note : Increase your writing speed. 

3) Find all previous question papers of monthly tests, half yearly exams, annual exams or last year sets and Read

Can you read full book if your exam is tomorrow? Answer is No. You need to do something unique to get highest marks in the examination. All toppers knows that trick very well. That is why they top in every subject. You can leave all your friends behind after using this trick. So here i will tell what is the unique tip to get 90+ marks in exams.

You need to find your all notes, previous question papers etc. After finding them solve that questions properly one by one. You can also get help of your Teacher, Parents if you do not know answer of any question. Forget about your all books now. I give you guarantee When the question paper will come to you, you will be shocked because most of the question will be similar.

3 Secret Tips To Score Highest in Every Exam


I can give you guarantee if you follow these tips for your examinations then you can get 90+ marks in your exams. And one day you will comment on this post ”thank you bro”, My all papers were very good. I hope you will get some help from this post. If you will get some help in the exam, please say a little thanks.

You have so powerful that you can do anything in this world. Do smart work not hard. If you do smart work you will always win. So finally best of luck for your exams… Take Care !!

What To Read On The Day Before Exam : 3 Secret Tips To Score Highest in Every Exam

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