Way to live life: shri Bhagwad gita

Way to live life: shri Bhagwad gita

Way to live life should learn from Shri Bhagwat Gita book. It’s not only spiritual book of hinduism, It hides many secrets of life that human can find to live peaceful life in this stressful world. The fact can not denied that every human is suffering from many problems some from mentally, physically, No one is satisfied in their lives, they something that give human healing power from pains worries of lives.

when their was war between kaurav and pandav, lord krishna give guidance to defeat kaurav over pandav as he was teaching arjun who was one of pandav

some facts that should not be avoided to learn lesson

  1. Everytime you this book you find new prospective in it, your way of thinking the seen will change every time in every situation.
  2.  No matter what question you are are having just open this you will find your right way and right answer but you have trust on it.
  3.  Usually if you start reading this book daily bases your life will start changing naturally.
  4. First this book was written in sanskrit but later on this book translated in many language because this book has something in it that’s way people want to read in their language.
  5. Its not only spiritual book but as well as book of knowledge of getting who am i, why i am here, why people take birth and die also, why this circle repeat.

Result of gita reading is shown in picture below

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